Tyler Fortney

Digital Designer & Director

Thinkso Creative

Coinciding with a 10 year anniversary and an office move, I redesigned the New York City-based Thinkso Creative website, where I worked for nearly six years, to reflect their growth as a content-driven, full-service creative agency with the skills to work in any industry or medium.
After years of having a portfolio site, it became important to introduce who Thinkso really is: a team with a purpose. This introduced Thinkso as a well-rounded group anchored by senior staff that always has the clients' best interest in mind, and is willing to fight for it.
In 10+ years, Thinkso has amassed a diverse and deep portfolio. Rather than leaning entirely on imagery, the editorial voice also needed to shine, so each project is introduced with a confident, straight-to-the-point headline that not only lets the user know what Thinkso did, but why they did it.
Thinkso's value is in their ability to keep all phases of a project in-house with a dedicated team of designers, writers and project managers. I felt this could best be displayed as a part of the project credits by using a donut chart to show how the team influenced all aspects of a project, from strategy through creative to final implementation.
Work takes all shapes, so I developed a waterfall system for portfolio images that has the ability to accommodate all image heights, while using different widths to fit within a responsive framework.
Each section of the site needed to be image-heavy, from the team, to the work, to careers. By using the portfolio image waterfall as a guide, all images across the site have a sensible relationship with their headlines and supporting copy so that nothing feels out of place in any view.
Direction: Brett Traylor, Elizabeth Amorose
Editorial: Kim Mickenberg, Elizabeth Amorose
Development: Surprise Highway
Photography: Matthew Septimus, Tory Williams
Created at Thinkso Creative