Tyler Fortney

Digital Designer & Director


For some people, a career is more than a paycheck. Those are the type of job-seekers that On-Ramps tries to work with. On-Ramps is a search and consulting firm that deals exclusively with mission-driven organizations, and finding candidates that want to get more out of their careers.
As a search firm, On-Ramps' ultimate goal is to successfully place qualified candidates. While the job board on the homepage that pushes featured positions to the front is key, it was also important to instill confidence in the job-seeker that On-Ramps has their best interest in mind, especially when placing candidates into the social sector, with a short mission statement and comforting photos of the placement experts they will be working with.
The registration process is the backbone of the application process. Potential candidates are required to build a profile through On-Ramps so that they have the highest chance for a successful placement, both for the candidate and the organization. Registrants are required to submit all of their personal contact information, but also encouraged to build a job history snapshot by including previous positions including salaries and certifications. They can also be more specific with the type of position they are looking for by selecting specific sectors, minimum qualifications, and a desired salary range.
Editorial: Elizabeth Amorose
Created at Thinkso Creative